Two rare birds from Arunachal

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It’s a  dazzling chook with a white patch on the top, said Chandralata an enthusiastic birder.

She had the prized catch from Eagles nest sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh. The chook generally known as White Hooded Babbler is endemic to the hills draped in cloud. Normally troublesome to establish it. However she had an untiring trek looking for it and purchased it atlast.

White Hooded Babbler | Photograph: Chandralata Ragukumar

The sanctuary is in a distant area and tough on account of a really utterly totally different terrain.  However has among the many most pretty birds of the Indian subcontinent that strong a spell on Salim Ali, our birdman.  He on a regular basis said Arunachal is a  rich chook habitat that requires fastened exploration.

One different catch she purchased was Silver Eared Mesia. 

Silver Eared Mesia | Photograph: Chandralata Ragukumar

It seems as if the ear of the chook is silvery and shining. It goes in noisy flocks. It has vivid orange underpants. which might be very partaking  to distinguish the chook.

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