The birds are feeding the butterflies right in my backyard

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I was sitting in a backyard chair in my yard the other day, soaking inside the spring sunshine whereas learning a e-book. It sounds glamorous, so I suppose I should full the picture. I was in a 10-by-10-foot canine kennel with my pet, Juno, and she or he was vigorously digging a spot under my chair. Chilly clumps of grime, grubs and earthworms had been spraying into my boots. And every every now and then, Juno would place a slobbery toy on my lap.

My husband, Derek, received right here outdoor to hitch us, and he quickly remarked on the dimensions of Juno’s rising excavation website. Since our backyard is definitely additional of a rock-filled forest clearing, full with ferns and mossy hillocks, we aren’t notably concerned with our new canine’s instinctive conduct to create cool beds of grime to lie in. It’s additional amusing than something.

So there we had been, caged in our yard, when the flutter of darkish wings on a close-by sugar maple tree caught my consideration. “Oh wow, do you see the butterflies?” I said sooner than bolting indoors.

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