That Most Enchanting Bird in the World

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However additional is occurring proper right here. One factor magical happens to this hard-bitten reporter as he’ll get to know his peacocks. “There’s at all times the potential when dabbling with birds — and this nobody tells you beforehand — of turning into enchanted,” he writes, “and it’s inconceivable to know this till it occurs.”

Flynn grows to know that Carl, Ethel and Mr. Pickle is not going to be merely dwelling ornaments, nonetheless folks with wishes and desires. One in each of which works to be for additional agency — significantly additional peahens — on account of Carl and Mr. Pickle are vulnerable to battle over Ethel.

Extra birds suggest Flynn should broaden the coop, taking over additional house throughout the barn. His partner isn’t completely happy.

“The place will the boys’ bikes go?” she asks in exasperation. “The firewood? The wheelbarrow?”

He says to make room for the model new birds, he’ll switch all that — nonetheless she cuts him off.

“All that?” she complains. “You imply, the stuff we truly use?”

His partner gives in, quickly and good-naturedly. However she, like too many individuals, misses the aim. Peacocks aren’t “stuff.” In distinction to firewood, bikes and wheelbarrows, peacocks don’t exist for us to “truly use.”

Like their magnificence, peacocks — or any animal, for that matter — don’t exist for us; they exist for the same motive we do. They love their lives as we love ours. In dwelling with peacocks, Flynn discovers that his “birds have personalities and intelligence and foibles and charms and souls,” he writes, “and all of it sounds ridiculous nevertheless it’s true.”

No, it doesn’t sound ridiculous. It sounds to me like an incredible place to start to discovering which suggests in a world every cruel and beautiful.

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