How To Set Up A Bird Photo Studio

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Huw Griffiths is a marine biologist who spoke to Right right here & Now in February about discovering sponge-like creatures dwelling far beneath an Antarctic ice shelf. However he has a curiosity that caught our curiosity — taking amazingly clear and close-up photos and films of the birds at his window birdfeeder.

He tells host Peter O’Dowd how he does it.

Huw Griffiths’ Ideas For Setting Up Your Personal Chicken Studio

  • Place the feeder someplace protected for the birds — away from cats, rats or squirrels — and choose a feeder that the birds can see and by no means fly into and injure themselves.
  • Select a feeder with a cut-out half and suction cups so that sits nonetheless in the direction of the glass so that you probably can see the birds feeding.
  • Get sturdy adhesive tape or a mount/tripod to hold your digicam/cellphone up in the direction of the glass, you’re going to get glare and reflections if there’s a gap.
  • Focus the digicam the place the hen will seemingly be sitting or feeding, then start recording and depart it working for spherical 10 to twenty minutes at a time. Stand correctly once more to steer clear of scaring the birds.
  • Take stills or edited sections of video from the recording.
  • Strive experimenting alongside along with your cellphone/digicam settings (e.g. zoom in, use a big angle, gradual motion, and so forth.)
  • If you want a big selection of birds, try completely completely different meals varieties (e.g. mealworms, peanuts, fat/cheese and seeds.)
  • Have endurance: It would take the birds a few days and even weeks to hunt out the feeder and to be assured landing on it.

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