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How to Check Jio Validity in My Jio App ( New method 2022 )

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When you do any recharge in your mobile, it has a validity, in which it is written that how long is your recharge valid, for example, the validity of Jio’s 199 plan is 23 days, similarly if you want to know If that plan is active on your number and how many days is its validity, then I am going to tell about it.

Know the validity of Jio Sim?

If you have recharged your Jio number but want to know how many days its validity is, then Jio Validity Checker option is available in My Jio App itself, apart from this you can set Caller Tune on your number with this app. You can also see the call history, in this you also get the option to recharge your number, prepaid users get daily limited data, it depends on your recharge plan, which plan you have taken, Jio In Sim’s 239 plan, users get 2GB daily data.

That is, in 1 day you can use 2GB of data, and when you use up all the data, your internet speed becomes 125 KBPS, to increase your internet speed, you can recharge with data voucher, these It is very easy to check Jio Validity of Data Voucher, it is the same as the validity of your plan, for example, like the validity of your recharge plan is for 1 month, then if you recharge with any data voucher, then that data voucher Validity will also be of 1 month.

How to Check Jio Validity in My Jio App ( New Method 2022 )

By the way, if you recharge with any recharge plan like 149, 199 etc. in your Jio Sim, then the validity is written in it that you can check Jio Validity, but some people do not remember the validity of their plan, by the way, when your When the validity of the recharge plan is about to end, then you also get a message from Jio, and even when you call someone, you are told that your recharge plan is valid for 2 to 3 days, this Reminder Call and Messages are there, but is there any way so that we can check jio validity on our own, then it is possible.

And for this you have to use My Jio App, in this users can see the Active Recharge plan on their number as well as Data Voucher, in this you can link your number as well as other Jio number, and You can see the active plan on that number, along with this, you can also take data loan in it, and you can also check the data loan by going to my plan, in the My Plan section of this app, you will find all the active on your number. Recharge plan, Data Voucher, Data Loan etc. can be seen and their validity is also visible.

How to Check Jio Validity (from My Jio App)

    • First of all, open My Jio App in your mobile, if you do not have this app in your device then you can download it from playstore.

tap on menu option in my jio app

    • After this, here you will see an option with 3 lines (Menu), click on this option

tap on my plan option

    • Then you will start seeing some options Profile & Setting, Recharge Your Number, Recharge For A Friend, My Plan etc., out of which you have to click on the My Plan option.

jio validity check karne ka tarika

  • Here you will see all the recharge plans active on your number, and you can also see when that recharge expires, that is, here you can see the validity of the recharge, how long it is valid.
  • In My Plan, you see all the recharge plans active on your Jio number, and Data Voucher is also active on your number, you can also see them here, and you can also check jio validity.

Conclusion –

How to Check Jio Validity, In Jio SIM, users are getting new offers, and there is also an option to activate Free Caller Tune, using which you can set caller tune on your number, and in My Jio App Users also get the option of My Statement, in which you can see and download your call and message statements.

By the way, you can also use MMI Code to check Jio Validity, for this you have to dial *333# this MMI Code in your mobile dialer, after that you can find out the validity of your recharge plan, and Jio You can also use Sms to know the validity of the key, for this you have to go to Messages in your phone,

And in New Message, you have to write MBAL in the text and send it to this number 55333, after that you will get the message in which you can see the balance, validity, this method can be used by both prepaid and postpaid users, this method Jio phone is good for users because with this you can see the balance by dialing the number in your mobile, this is the old way to check the balance of the phone but many people still use this method and desktop users Jio Validity Check To do this, you can visit Jio’s website, even there you get the facility to see Recharge Plan, Balance etc. along with your number.

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