Doug Lewandowski column: Feeding the birds, and bears

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No, I’m talking about our bruin buddies who crawl out from an prolonged nap this time of 12 months famished and in a position to scarf down completely something. You title it, from remnants of ultimate week’s taco feast or barbeque to bananas gone harmful inside the bottom of the garbage bin. They’re hungry and by no means picky eaters.

Like loads of of us spherical proper right here, we feed the birds year-round and even try and protect the hen bathtub warmth inside the chilly months. The menu consists of suet, thistle and sunflower seeds in feeders held on hooks from the eaves, theoretically out of attain from the smaller, hungry beasts that cruise at ground diploma.

Each night time time all through bear time, the massive hen feeder comes down from the pole beneath the kitchen window and can get parked inside the storage subsequent to the desk seen and boat. It’s always guesswork after I can depart it up for the winter.

Since shifting to Duluth, we’ve had some massive, furry visitors every spring. One 12 months, a mama bear bought right here by with howling offspring for a meal, trashing the feeder. One different time, whereas “securing the perimeter” (a nightly ritual), I glanced in the direction of the highway and seen a hulking kind lumbering alongside the middle of the freeway. He took a sudden correct flip, crossed the ditch in entrance of the house and was working his choice to me standing on the porch. I didn’t grasp spherical to greet him, nonetheless beat it into the house, slamming and bolting the door.

He couldn’t be described as a dainty decide when he rounded the nook of the house. Behind the safety of the kitchen residence home windows, I flipped the floor light on to get an excellent view of our 300-pound buyer. The hen feeder was inside the storage, the bear sniffed spherical, regarded up at me inside the window, and I swear, shrugged, gave me a disgusted look and sauntered in the direction of the neighbor’s yard.

Just recently, we had a additional assertive buyer.

Simply regarding the time I fell asleep, I heard a horrible racket coming from the room we use as an office, adjoining to our mattress room. In a dazed state, I assumed, I didn’t know the seller service coronary heart made residence calls! Waking barely additional, I cautiously made my choice to the office and seen a shadowy decide leaning in opposition to the window with one paw and batting away on the thistle feeder with the alternative one, like he was participating in tetherball. He regarded, I yelled and pounded on the window, all to no influence. He ignored me. Think about that!

So, I went to a unique widow inside the subsequent room, leaned out and yelled at him to go away. It labored — type of. However then my associate immediate in no not sure phrases, “Reduce it out earlier than you tumble out the window! I don’t need that critter utilizing your head to bat round.” No good loss, I knowledgeable her.

The bear left, grumping away from the commotion. I had barely fixing to do on the show display screen that weekend, and I nonetheless have to scrub the paw prints off the window.

Doug Lewandowski is a retired counselor, educator and psychologist. Write to him at [email protected]

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