Birds destroying window screens in San Jose neighborhood

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DEAR JOAN: During the final couple of months, birds have been aggressively eradicating fibers from my window screens on the second floor of my residence. My screens is not going to be metallic, nevertheless some type of thread-like supplies.

My assumption is that they’re using the fibers to assemble their nests. Many of the harm is about 6 inches from the underside, reduce straight all through from end to complete. I must admit that their handiwork is type of spectacular.

Although I’ve tapped on the house home windows repeatedly to scare them away, they’re very persistent and by no means deterred for very prolonged. Throughout my neighborhood walks, I’ve seen the an identical destruction on shut by houses.

Do you’ve choices for discouraging this habits? Finally, I’ll perhaps change my screens with these produced from metallic, nevertheless throughout the interim, it could be good to find a decision to avoid further harm to the prevailing screens.

Would probably a faux owl or one other species be a deterrent? Some different choices?

Jerry Isaac, San Jose

DEAR JERRY: The birds are most undoubtedly raiding your screens and other people of your neighbors to gather nesting supplies.

A kind decision might be to provide them with an alternate provide. You moreover may change your screens now and depart the outdated ones out for the birds to cannibalize to their coronary coronary heart’s content material materials.

One methodology to keep up them away out of your own home home windows is solely to carry one factor reflective near the window, which is ready to switch with the wind. This might probably be a Mylar balloon, securely tethered so it doesn’t fly away, or outdated CDs. Keep in thoughts as soon as we used to get AOL discs throughout the mail 3 instances per week? These had been good as chook deterrents.

If you occur to don’t must depart it to likelihood, retailers specializing in wild birds carry various merchandise for scaring birds away from areas.

An owl or peregrine falcon statue may work, nevertheless my experience is that the birds rapidly perceive that evident Mr. Owl isn’t any menace to them, and they also resume their actions.

DEAR JOAN: I observed one factor gorgeous and thought you’d shed some mild on it.

A small chook hit a window of our residence. I’m contemplating it was being chased. I went exterior to look at on it and observed a giant black chook — it appeared like a giant crow — standing over it, selecting it up in its beak. It then flew off with the small chook. At that point, it was arduous to tell if the small chook was alive or not.

What presents? I didn’t suppose crows had been meat eaters. It will probably be nice if crows provided emergency ambulance service to chook hospitals, nevertheless I’m not counting on that.

Ron J., San Jose

DEAR RON: I’m so relieved that you just aren’t counting on crows to hold out emergency medical transport, on account of what truly was occurring was the exact reverse of that.

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