‘Bird flu still a risk’ – Warning issued to bird owners in Cumbria

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BIRD flu stays to be a hazard based mostly on a Cumbrian public physique.

And residents are being warned of the ideas by way of their winged buddies.

A spokesman for Cumbria Buying and promoting Requirements acknowledged: “Do not neglect that whereas your birds are allowed open air, they need to be in a fenced off house with their meals & water undercover away from wild birds.

“AvianInfluenza stays a danger.”

Fowl flu (Avian Influenza) is unfold between birds by direct contact or circuitously by way of faeces, droppings or contaminated objects, land or water.

If poultry, harking back to chickens or turkeys, are contaminated with fowl flu they’re going to doable current indicators of illness, whereas waterfowl harking back to geese and geese can carry it with out turning into sick, and as a consequence of this truth can merely unfold it to completely different birds.

The Division for Surroundings and Rural Affairs have given their excessive solutions for stopping the unfold:

– Internet or cowl ponds – it’s important to net or cowl any ponds that are contained in the fenced fluctuate house.

– Fence off ponds, streams, standing water or moist or boggy areas – whereas the Avian Influenza Prevention Zone is in place, poultry shouldn’t be allowed entry to areas spherical ponds

– Take away any wild fowl feed sources

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